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The Empire Vol.1

by Porgie_

UPLOADED: 2/5/2020  

The Empire


Through the months after the great rollback the Republic saw great expansion, though this was not to last, as the faction soon shrunk as around the end of August 2019 players left. Months passed and the server seemed dead and the Republic became lost to legend, only Porgie spreading the legend and continuing his life on the server. November 2019 saw the return of Porgie to the server in a much larger capacity and the further expansion of Harenas, the largest Republic City. Soon after, Foxxtrot returned to the server. A former Republic member, missing the great age of The Republic and wishing for its return. Foxxtrot began to craft his own great city after the loss of his old Republic base. Come the begining of December the idea of a new faction on the server from the remnants of the Republic was formed. Foxxtrot and Porgie discussed this for some time, and finally, on the 10th of December 2019, The Empire was formed. The first flag of The Empire was crafted on this day, and the first starter kit created, crafted from Republic supplies long since waited to be used, finally revived into use once more.

Let December 10th 2019 be known as the formation of the new great faction of the Echoes server, lead by Foxxtrot and Porgie.